Artist Statement
For many years, I have been painting seascapes on location. By focusing on the creative rhythms of the ocean I found a gateway to certain psychic/hypnotic states. This looking "in" rather than looking "at" has led to an evolving of my style, a sea change, making my work more fluid and abstract. I challenge the viewer to see in a different way, to feel the depth of motion and emotion.
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John Power's artistic vision is entwined with his love of the sea. After studying at the Art Students Leauge in NYC, John became a member of COGAP, the Coast Gaurd Art Program. For years, John has his studio in Longbranch, New Jersey, right on the Jersey shore. This easy access to the ocean led to his work becoming more expressive. His artistic journey now includes teaching drawing at the Morris County Art Association, in Morriston, New Jersey and participating in both one-person and group shows, including Waterworks at the Annapolis Maritime Museum where he won an award.  Find more art and information at his website