We are a new journal based on writing about the sea. This includes fiction, articles, travel, nonfiction, and anything writers create. The mission is to explore narrative art in terms of the sea. Living near the ocean for more than forty years, I still hear amazing and fascinating stories and ideas that emanate from the sea. There are no limits to what we will publish as long as there is a clear connection to the sea. 

Not only would we be interested in art and writing based on the ocean, we would also be interested in profiles, book reviews, interviews, and ocean mythology. 

Photographer and visual artists who are interested in submitting work will be welcomed. We cannot pay for submissions at this time, but we will actively promote your work through our site and our social media outlets. 

Send submissions and questions to and we can discuss your submission. 

We accept art in all these categories. If you don't see your category here, send me an email. 

fiction / poetry / nonfiction / interviews / travel / book reviews / ocean mythology / visual art